Local Businesses help keep Greenpoint Soup Kitchen stay open

The Church of Ascension has been serving meals every Saturday to those in need for nearly 15 years. Reverend John Marz has been in charge for approximately 4 years ago and has been doing an amazing job reaching out to the community; in return, the community has been reaching back. Josh Cohen, owner of Anella teamed up with Broadway Stages to provide food, equipment and their time.  

In addition, the Church has been gaining support from film location. Last year, even with the inexplicable 6 month freeze on local filming in Greenpoint, they have taken in $36,000 in benefits from filming. This benefits help make breathing room so they can financially engage in community outreach to the homeless, the soup kitchen, and aid for those with alcohol addiction. 

If you like to volunteer or donate, please visit www.ascensionbrooklyn.org