Congratulations to FIAO for a successful 37th fund raising scholarship gala

 Thirty-six years, FIAO, a community based service organization has provided a gamut of services directed at improving the quality of life of individuals and families, with a focus on the needy of our society - the immigrants, seniors and youth.

These services include social assistance at the office located at 7403 18th Ave., education and recreational programs at IS 96 Beacon School as well as at multiple after school sites. Scholarships to high school graduates pursuing higher education, cultural initiatives such as the Brooklyn Columbus Parade and exchange programs.

A "State Of The Art" Cultural Center will be located at 8711 18th Ave., (Cristoforo Colombo Blvd). "Il Centro" will expand services and will serve as a cultural resource to Italian Americans as well as become a model to all ethnic groups in how to preserve, celebrate and share one’s own heritage in a multicultural society.

Congratulations to the scholarship winners and FIAO for an amazing year. 

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