Broadway Stages Gina Argento supports a greener education through Sustainable CUNY Plans!

Gina Argento supports a greener and more environmentally conscious future for New York City!

Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages and owner of the largest solar powered sound stage production company in Brooklyn, is a proud contributor to Sustainable CUNY Plans. Sustainable CUNY Plans are  designed to promote recycling, renewable resources, and reduce energy consumption in CUNY institutions. With over 500,000 students enrolled in CUNY programs, Sustainable CUNY Plans has greatly reduce energy consumption and energy efficiency since 2007.

As a benefactor to the Sustainable CUNY Plans, Gina wants to demonstrate to CUNY students that being energy conservative and environmentally friendly are important qualities for New Yorker to have. Join Gina today and help encourage environmental stewardship in New York students and residences. #GoGina

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