New York TV and Film Production Reaches Historic Highs

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A memo from New York
In this month’s e-newsletter distributed by the New York Governor’s Office of Motion Picture & Television Development, Broadway Stages and the other TV and film production companies that call New York home, were commended for reaching historic highs in film and television production and contributing to economic growth.  With 56 projects currently filming on soundstages and streetscapes across New York State, this has been a stellar year for the industry representing a combined $2.1 billion and more than 106,000 hires.

Broadway Stages - Our Contribution to the Industry
Broadway Stages has 53 studios in operation across three boroughs – Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island – and three more under construction.  We are currently hosting 21 productions including Blue Bloods, Madam Secretary, The Blacklist, Bull, and FBI to name just a few.  We are also gearing up for ABC’s The Godfather of Harlem, a limited series to air on the Epix channel.
Broadway Stages is striving to meet the growing needs of the industry, while at the same time investing in the communities where we work.                                                
Our 2017 acquisition of the former 70+ acre Arthur Kill Correctional Facility located in the Charleston section of Staten Island, is estimated to create 1,500 jobs over the next several years.  With an initial investment of $7 million to purchase the property, Broadway Stages plans to invest more than $20 million in private funds to update the campus. In addition, Broadway Stages will provide free shop space to Local United Scenic Artists (USA) 829 for their scenic artist apprenticeship program.   With one of five proposed soundstages completed and planning underway for the others, we are confident interest will continue to grow.  Prior to any renovations, the prison facility had already been used by major Hollywood production companies for its authenticity and real “prison feel”, including shows and films like Orange is the New Black and Oceans 8
We have also purchased property in the Village of Hastings-on-Hudson to meet growing film production demands.  A prime location for filming, we anticipate the area will continue to benefit from the positive effect of economic growth derived by the TV and film industry. 


Broadway Stages - Our Contribution to the Community                                                                 
As a company with local roots, we understand the needs of our community and the importance of giving back.  Our commitment to community is actionable and runs deep.  
Together with our clients, we have employed thousands of people, and have created hundreds of local jobs.  We are dedicated to giving back to our community through education, the arts and environmentally focused programs.  We are hyperlocal focused and whenever possible work with local businesses and vendors for our production needs.  And we actively demonstrate our commitment to sustainability with our recycling program, rooftop solar panels, farms and gardens, and related educational programs.   
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To read the entire article in the September E-Newsletter of the NY Governor’s Office of Motion Picture & Television Development click here.