Broadway Stages Celebrates Opening of NY Sun Works Project Farm House

Celebrating alongside sponsors and supporters, NY Sun Works revealed its new Project Farm House location yesterday. Among the attendees were members of the Broadway Stages family, who came to show their support and learn from students how hydroponic education has changed their learning experiences. Broadway Stages was happy to hear from students that they were able to design their own scientific experiments involving hydroponic systems and test their hypotheses. Seeing the students' excitement in presenting their findings inspired the Broadway Stages family to do even more for New York City students. 

As a strong supporter of science education accessibility, Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, is enthusiastic about NY Sun Works's incredible dedication to introduce an innovative and interactive style of education to students. In fact, Gina, along with the Broadway Stages family, did not hesitate to sponsor and donate to NY Sun Works's Greenhouse Project and Youth conference when first partnering with NY Sun Works. After all, Gina and NY Sun Works both share the same goal of providing access to innovative and quality educational resources to students without any costs. Seeing the fruition of her dedication and commitments to NY Sun Works last night was truly a treat that only further strengthens her commitment to education. We hope to see NY Sun Works continue to do great things and will always be supporting them as your family at Broadway Stages!