Futures in Education Scholarship Fund Night Honors Broadway Stages President

The mission of Futures in Education is to help ensure that students in Brooklyn and Queens can continue to receive quality Catholic educations without financial burdens. Through its Angels program, Futures in Education connects independent contributors with students to alleviate costs related to tuition and educational resources. Angels give students access to quality education without financial burden.

To recognize individuals that have gone above and beyond in that commitment, Futures in Education holds an annual Scholarship Fund Dinner. The dinner celebrates and recognizes outstanding individuals who dedicate incredible effort and have shown support for Futures in Education's mission to provide quality education. 

Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, is among the recognized supporters this year. As a longtime committed supporter of Futures in Education, Gina believes New York City students should have access to the best education without financial obstacles. Gina hopes her participation as an annual sponsor to the fundraiser and role as an Angel to various students will help inspire her peers to join her to provide free education to New York families and students. Gina hopes you can join her today and make a difference in student education!