Touch-A-Truck Is Back With More Books!

story voyag.jpg

The annual Touch-a-Truck event is back! This past Saturday, the iconic bus was stationed on Leonard Street to raise funds from local supporters that would be reinvested in helping purchase books for children. Tickets admissions gave participants access to fun games, food, and art activities. The whole event was a success with over 250 tickets sold and with even more smilies on children's faces!

Funds raised from the Touch-a-Truck event would be used to offset operating cost and most importantly be used to purchase new reading material for school children! Most excited for the event was Gina Argento, CEO of Broadway Stages, who has supported Brooklyn Story Voyager's Truck a Truck in the past and sponsored this year's event. With over 250 tickets sold and including Gina's own donation, Brooklyn Story Voyager will be able to purchase hundreds of new books for students to read and give free to students. Being able to supply hundreds of children with reading material is an amazing communal feat accomplished by the members of the Brooklyn community together!

Broadway Stages and Gina Argento would like to thank our fellow Brooklynites in coming to the Touch a Truck event and supporting New York students by contributing to funds used to purchase educational books!