Catholic Charities


This December 6, Catholic Charities will be holding its 72nd Annual Cardinal's Christmas Luncheon, commemorating 72 years of serving the New York community for the benefit of New Yorkers including women, children, families, immigrants, and homeless. The Christmas Luncheon has been the highlight of Catholic Charities's winter programs to raise critical funds needed for the benefit of hundred of New Yorkers during the winter season. A portion of the funds will be used to feeding the hungry and shelter homeless during the following cold months. Providing a warm meal and a warm place to stay from the cold, which is critical to many New Yorkers during these months. In addition, funds raised will also be used to  support youth in need of physical, emotional, and psychological needs and services; strengthen family crisis through counseling and assist in cultivating individual plans for long term solutions; and welcome, reunite, and assist in citizenship and work authorization for immigrants. 

Among the board members excited for the Christmas Luncheon is Gina Argento, President of Brooklyn's Broadway Stages. Gina, who has long supported Catholic Charities, contributing to various year round events, believes that the Christmas luncheon is an important opportunity for community members  to support each other. Whether it is to provide meals, shelter, counseling, or legal assistance, she holds firm that New York is a community where neighbors help neighbors. As a supporting community member, she encourages everyone to help wherever and whenever they can with a unified goal of improving and reinvestment back into our communities!