Broadway Stages Supports Kingsborough Community College's Annual Fundraiser


A proud member of the Kingsborough Community College (KCC) community, Broadway Stages has contributed tremendous efforts to support the success of Kingsborough students. Whether the task at hand was to establish scholarships, help fund and build a new Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) lab, or support the Seaside Splash event, Broadway Stages has always risen to the occasion and continuously supported KCC in establishing, maintaining, and promoting the highest quality and standards of education for KCC students.

Most recently, Gina Argento, Board Member of Kingsborough Community College and President of Broadway Stages, has participated in KCC's Annual Fund Campaign. The Annual Fund Campaign is an initiative that distributes financial donations from members of the community who wish to support KCC and students in the pursuit of educational and academic excellence. The funds are used to create and establish new educational programing, maintain current programing, update current technologies, and establish scholarships to provide financial assistance. 

Broadway Stages's support of KCC's Annual Fund directly impacts the lives of many undergraduate scholars at KCC. As a financial contributor to the fund, Broadway Stages has helped KCC students treat patients in hospitals, provide programming for KCC students to learn about software and electrical engineering, and helped KCC students become mentors in their own communities. Most importantly, Broadway Stages's contributions have created a platform for KCC to encourage its students to plan, achieve, and surpass their academic and professional goals. We believe that student success can only benefit the Brooklyn community, and we encourage fellow students to make their dreams come true.

Seeing firsthand the incredible positive impact that we have on student lives has only encouraged Broadway Stages to become even more engaged and involved with KCC and the KCC community. Broadway Stages openly encourages fellow Brooklynites to support KCC and KCC students in building a better world for learning and academic success. Join us in supporting our local community college and you can see your impact today!