New York Audubon For New York's Wildlife!


Protecting. Conserving. Revitalizing. 

The New York City Audubon Society ensures the proper treatment and management of New York City's beautiful natural ecosystems. Responsible for organizing surveys, species assessments, biodiversity research, public education, and public outreach programs of New York native wildlife species, the NYC Audubon Society concerns itself with establishing strict conservation practices. The Audubon Society connects members of the local community to take participatory action together in a coordinated effort to fortify native and migratory bird habitats as well as other wildlife.

As one of its primary advocators, Broadway Stages believes that conservation practices and education of biodiversity of native bird and wildlife species in New York is critical preserving the natural environment for years to come. Partnering with NYC Audubon, Broadway Stages sponsors the NYC Audubon by providing the necessary funds for the continued  environmental programs it needs to expand and establish for the betterment of NYC's ecosystems. Going beyond just sponsorship, Broadway Stages has also donated our rooftop space on 520 Kingsland, now known as the Kingsland Wildflowers, to be used as a interactive habitat space designated for local wildlife with NYC Audubon. 

Not only a sponsor to NYC Audubon, Broadway Stages also follows similar environmental behaviors by heavily engaging in environmentally conscious efforts and programs across Brooklyn and New York City for the purpose keeping our environment clean for our local wildlife. Our environmental stewardship and conservation practices ranging from utilizing eco-friendly solar powered initiatives to cleanup programs to keep garbage off Brooklyn Streets. Not only do these initiatives and programs benefit the local environment, ecosystem, and wildlife, but also our fellow Brooklynites whom can enjoy a cleaner living environment!