Kingsborough Community College 13th Annual Homecoming!


Back to the Beach! Kingsborough Community College (KCC) celebrates its annual homecoming themed event for its 13th year. Welcoming over 800 alumni and guest to back to the halls where many had once attended for their undergraduate academic careers, and where many shared unforgettable memories. Homecoming allows many to revisit their past professors and see old classmates, and above all else enjoy an evening of fun with fellow KCC students, alumni, staff, and family.


Expanding throughout the atrium all the way to the garden outside, the venue was not short of laughter, smilies, fun, and uncontainable excitement. Filled with rows upon rows of fun booths, KCC was not shorted in the entertainment department either. A range of various music, dance, games, and pumpkin patch booths aligned themselves endlessly around the perimeter of the atrium and open garden space. Of course, attendee appropriately dressed up in Halloween fashion adding to the fun and exciting atmosphere of the amazing event!


Kingsborough trustee Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, greatly supports the annual Homecoming event, citing that the event is important to cultivate school spirit, in addition to being a great opportunity for families in the community to come together for a day of fun. To help make the event happen, donations made by Gina were directly used helped to purchase food, drinks, gifts, and decor. Adding to the KCC spirit that day, Gina was excited to see so many attendee this year, many with their families, to celebrate the incredible success they had as students of KCC  and their continued success as now  alumni. Whether an alumni or current students, Gina believes KCC is a important educational institution that has given many the resources to produce incredible futures and will continue to change many more lives!