Hundreds of Brooklyn Families Celebrate at Broadway Stages' Christmas Toy Drive

Broadway Stages hosted our largest Christmas event of the season at our annual toy drive this Christmas weekend. We encouraged local Brooklyn families to visit our Kingsland Avenue studio spaces to celebrate with a day of festivities, fun, and laughter.

We filled a large open space on the fourth floor of our Kingsland studio with catered food, beverages, and photo booths. Attendees enjoyed chicken tenders, pasta, fresh vegetables, and much more! We also provided cookies and tasty pastries for children and families to grab for dessert. Each table included Christmas arts and crafts for children to create, color, and decorate.


We expected over a hundred people to attend our event, and the community did not disappoint, as over 400 parents and children attended! All seats and tables filled up, so staffers brought additional chairs and tables to accommodate every family.

Of course it wouldn't be Christmas without Santa Claus. At the peak of the afternoon, Santa arrived with his reindeers and helpers to welcome each child and listen to their Christmas wish. Most children wished for presents, which they received a few minutes later!

Broadway Stages came prepared with over 500 toys ranging from board games to sports equipment, cars to action figures, and much more. Each child selected their own present for Christmas, and all left with happy faces and big smiles! We want to thank the community for coming to our Christmas toy drive and wish you all happy holidays!