Broadway Stages Supports Catholic Education in Brooklyn and Queens

Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, supports the 2017 Bishop's Christmas Luncheon to benefit student education at Catholic schools. On behalf of Broadway Stages, Gina participated in the lunch fundraiser as a Sleigh Bells Sponsor to the event.

The funds raised by Gina and others directly support student scholarships funded through the Bishop's Scholarship Program. The programs benefit New York families by providing them with the opportunity to send their children to Catholic school without worrying about the cost. The Bishop's Scholarship Program is invaluable in providing families with peace of mind and access to financial resources to take command of their children's educational careers.

Gina believes aiding local Catholic families through scholarships is essential in reducing financial burdens while allowing students to receive the best possible Catholic education. In fact, Gina participates in various other scholarship programs including those affiliated with Futures in Education and St. Ignatius School to help aid high school and middle school students. Striving to provide even more, Gina was inspired to create a Broadway Stages Scholarship with Kingsborough Community College that supports undergraduate media students in pursing a future in film!