Long Island Girl Talk's Fifth Annual Holiday Benefit Party!


Long Island Girl Talk (LIGT) is an enrichment program designed for teen girls to dive deep into creating their own media content. Providing onsite training in all aspects of film and television production, LIGT assists teens in develop their own unique style and independence in media creations. Moreover, LIGT staff train girls to develop long standing relationships with one another beyond the scope of operating camera gear or editing software. The goal of the program is to enrich teen lives emotionally and social in addition to their future careers in media. 

As a woman in New York's Film and Television industry herself, Broadway Stages President Gina Argento is inspired by the mission that LIGT wants to achieve. Nationally, as one of the few woman CEO in the Film and Television industry, Gina appreciates the to goal train young girls in media but even more so the suggestion for the girls to support each other.

LIGT dedication to girls pursuing media has inspired Gina to become a supporter and sponsor to its Fifth Annual Holiday Benefit Party. The event set on December 16 at the Nassau Community College opens the public for donations to supply the girls with new equipment and program activities. Contributions made by Gina Argento and Broadway Stages will be used by LIGT to directly improve learning resources able to the students leading to even greater success in media. Above all, Gina is excited to see young aspiring woman joining the media industry and can not wait for the future of Film and Tv in New York City!