Gina Argento and Broadway Stages Help Budding Journalists Learn at the YMCA

Broadway Stages President Gina Argento has expanded her outreach to YMCA in Flushing.


The Flushing YMCA at JHS 189 is a community-based organization that is focused on cultivating experiences for youth development and education. The YMCA endorses a journalism program to encourage student participants to create and publish an annual YMCA magazine. As part of the program, participants enjoy a Broadway show to mimic real-life journalism with this year's review set for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

This year's budget was reduced, so funding was needed to purchase tickets and secure transportation to the event. As part of her commitment to advancing local educational opportunities, Gina financed the remainder of the needed funds. She hopes her donation will allow students to gain insight into the world of journalism. Join Gina and Broadway Stages in supporting future writers.