Broadway Stages President Gina Argento Protects New York City Wildlife

Gina Argento, President and CEO of Broadway Stages, is an avid supporter of the preservation of wildlife in New York City. Determined to protect New York City's wildlife, Gina financially contributes to the New York City Audubon, a collection of community members dedicated to the protection of bird species and nature. She is also contributing to its Fall Roost, an annual benefit that raises money to support conservative efforts.

Gina's contributions will be used to fund educational programs that teach New Yorkers about the importance of wildlife conservation and offer them opportunities to help. Her participation in the New York City Audubon Fall Roost also celebrates the $150,000 raised to expand conversation efforts in Governor's Island as part of the Governor's Island initiative.

Join the initiative to help bird species and wildlife in New York stay healthy and continue to grow!