Broadway Stages Gina Argento Presents the Broadway Stages Scholarship

Broadway Stages joins Kingsborough Community College to provide New York City students with the necessary educational tools for academic and life long success. Sharing a vision of educational excellence, Broadway Stages' Gina Argento and Brooklyn-based Kingsborough Community College have come together to create the Broadway Stages Scholarship Award!

Broadway Stages' Gina Argento established the Broadway Stages Award to inspire students to achieve success in their academic careers by providing access to financial resources available through the scholarship.

The Broadway Stages Scholarship Award rewards students with the opportunity to advance beyond financial obstacles impeding their academic achievement. Select students pursing a Media-related majors who demonstrate strong work ethic and active community involvement are qualified candidates for the Broadway Stages Scholarship Award. These requirements are included to encourage students to parallel Broadway Stages' commitment to community and passion for media.

Please join Gina in providing more opportunities for student education! #GoGina

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