Supporting Brooklyn and Queens Communities

Broadway Stages‘ Gina Argento always looks to help New York families! Joining the Catholic Charities of Brooklyn and Queens, an organization that has positively impact local families in Queens and Brooklyn through its various services, Gina helps provide vital services that dozens of families rely on.

Catholic Charities helps hundred of families and children through its community service programs. Catholic Charities delivers New Yorkers a wide range of educational and support services which range from Integrated Health and Wellness Services, Affordable Housing Program, and Community Services. These programs help care for the well-being of Brooklyn and Queens neighborhoods by directly connecting individuals with professionals and the necessary resources to succeed.

Gina believes Catholic Charities’s dedication towards community resident are complementary to her commitment to Brooklyn and Queens residents. As a sponsor of Catholic Charities, Gina Argento wants to provide Brooklyn and Queens communities with quality care and professional help services to positively impact their lives. Gina continues to commit herself to actively bettering many families by providing financial assistance to community-based organizations. She hopes her dedication to the New York City families will inspires others to make the pledge to help their fellow neighbor(s). #GoGina

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