YMCA Behind-the-Scenes!

YMCA students and staff with Tony Argento

YMCA students and staff with Tony Argento

Broadway Stages invited Flushing YMCA to join us at our sound stages this afternoon to share our passion of film production. YMCA students and staff were given a full tour of 5 sound stages as part of our student enrichment program for New York students.

YMCA students were educated about the various components that makes a production look flawless on TV. Students were surprised to learn the hundred of personnels involved in the behind-the-scene activities for a single TV episode. Broadway Stages staff educated students and staff on the astronomical 4 million jobs provided by NY film economy in addition to the generous spending on local businesses by film production companies year round.

Broadway Stages were happy share the exciting behind-the-scenes into some of the student’s favorite on-screen shows. As a traditional, all students received Broadway Stages t-shirts to remind them of our continued partnership with YMCA! Let’s explore student enrichment together!

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