An Angel for Education


Partnering with Futures in Education, Gina Argento actively involves herself with New York students in grades one through eight attending grammar schools as a sponsoring Archangel.

Futures in Education offers individuals the opportunity to financially support the educational journeys of Brooklyn and Queens students attending Catholic grammar schools. Individuals contributing to the Angel Program can assist multiple students by subsidizing tuition cost as a financial benefactor. Angels support recipient students to overcome financial obstacles impeding their educational success at grammar schools.

The best benefit of becoming an Angel at Futures in Educations is seeing the growth and impact of your contribution on your students. As an ArchAngel, Gina communicates directly to her students in correspondence letters, cards, and drawings.

This Easter, Kevin, a seventh grader and Angel student of Gina's, shared his incredible experiences at school and his exciting Easter plans. The most touching line from Kevin (read by Gina) is his interpretation of Easter:

“I personally believe that people shouldn’t just give gifts, they should give joy and happiness vocally.”

Seeing Kevin want to spread and reciprocate his happiness to other is the most rewarding part for Gina. Watching students like Kevin positively affected by her contributions only strengthens Gina's commitment to providing quality education for New York students. Please join Gina in her mission to improve and positively impact student education!