Broadway Stages Co-Hosts New York Building Congress Breakfast

Gina Argento,CEO of  Broadway Stages, co-hosts the New York Building Congress Construction Industry Breakfast to represent Brooklyn interests and voices.

The Construction Industry Breakfast hosted by the New York Building Congress is a platform for future events focused on improving New York’s affordable housing program. Central to the Breakfast is a 10-year commitment towards housing improvement known as Five-Borough Agenda which aims to accommodate 200,000 affordable housing units for New York City families. Fundraising goals during the event exceeded initial expectations generating wild excitement for the project to start.

As a contributor to the Five-Borough’s Agenda herself, Gina is excited to support the creation of over 80,000 new home units and affordability programs to protect future participants of the program. She insists that it is the responsibility of New Yorkers to take care of other New Yorkers when you can. #GoGina #NYC

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