Broadway Stages’ Earth Day at our Kingsland Wildflower Rooftop

Earth Day is only celebrated once a year, but Broadway Stages enjoys it as a yearlong commitment everyday! To help expand the annual celebration to a year long habit, Broadway Stages Gina Argento invites New York City community members to the Earth Day Lecture and Roof Tour where attendees can grow a lifelong excitement for preserving our natural environment.

Gina encourages everyone to gather at 520 Kingsland Avenue Saturday April 22 from 1pm-3pm. Sharing the the Earth Day Lecture and Roof Tour experience are the NYC Audubon, who will help cultivate a passionate lifestyle for maximizing NYC wildlife preservation through an educational lecture.

Attending visitors will be educated on healthy gardening habits and wildlife appropriate landscape designs lead by President of Four Harbors Audubon Society Joyann Ciriliano. Encouraging use of native plants to attract native bird species are taught to utilize our surrounding natural environment. Following the lecture, attendees are provided with free refreshments and guided on complete tour of the Kingsland Wildflowers rooftop.

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