Broadway Stages Joins NY Sun Works to Spread Hydroponic Education

Broadway Stages President Gina Argento wants to inspire New York students to be enthusiastic about going green! Teaming up with NY Sun Work's Greenhouse Project, Gina looks to offer students K through 12 the opportunity to explore the benefits of going green.

The Greenhouse Project equips learning facilities with cutting-edge technology that mimics current industry standards in hydronic farming to allow students to learn under professional standards and procedures. Offering exceptional integrated learning techniques that exceed New York science requirements, the Greenhouse Project seeks to bring the best of environmental stewardship to the urban environment.

The Greenhouse Project brings more than 20 local schools, located across all five boroughs, the technical and educational resources required for students to immediately learn about hydroponics through hands-on activities. Students also learn about the positive benefits of solar energy and rainwater recycling systems.

Together with NY Sun Works, Broadway Stages works hard to promote strong fundamentals in green education for students in public schools. Join Broadway Stages, Gina Argento, and NY Sun Works in creating a greener and eco-friendlier future!