Don't Miss the New Season of Master of None, Filmed at Broadway Stages

Starring popular comedian Aziz Ansari, Master of None's second season is set to premiere at midnight on May 12. The second installment continues to follow the journey of aspiring actor Dev (Ansari) with his three friends Arnold Bauhesier (Eric Wareheim), Brian Cheng (Kelvin Yu), and Denise (Lena Waithe) while pursuing his love interest Rachel (Noel Wells).

The Netflix original series, filmed at Broadway Stages, has scored positive reviews from NY Post writer Andrea Morabito, who commented, "Master of None… perfected its recipe for success: it will make you laugh, think, and crave a plate of pasta." Rob Sheffield of Rolling Stone calls it "one of the year's most bold and moving TV moments, with Ansari pitching in as a support player." And Broadway Stages Gina Argento assures "it’s going to be amazing!"

Be sure to tune in at midnight for the second installment of the Emmy-winning Master of None.