Forte New York Chamber Music Series sponsored by President Gina Argento

Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, sponsors the Master Series concert presented by Forte New York Chamber Music Series (FNCM) with renowned violinist Ian Swensen and artistic Director Vicky Hyunjin Lee. The FNCM project, created by Fractured Atlas and sponsored by Gina Argento, hopes to inspire a generation of world-class classical chamber music in New York City communities across the metropolitan area. 

Forte New York Chamber Music Series offers New York's most talented young musicians the rare opportunity to showcase their musical genius atop a world stage. Focused on refining and improving upon some of the world's youngest orchestral protégées under the artistic vision of violinist Vicky HyunJin Lee, FNCM is an institution with the mission to continuously improve instrumental techniques and orchestral harmony. 

The FNCMS presents young instrumentalist with 10 concerts each season to collectively harmonize their artistic talents on stage at the New York Presbyterian Church in front of live audiences. Created as a community based organization, FNCMS classical concerts seek to expose a wide range of audiences the beauty of classical notes by providing free admissions and parking to all curious of or find enjoyment in a evening of classical indulgence.

Believing in the importance of musical expression and the opportunity of young talents to creatively study their passions, Gina Argento seeks to improve musical apprenticeship and encourage young musicians to purse their dreams. To help provide the next generation of musicians to do so, Gina hopes her contributions will allow more young creatives the opportunity to showcase their passion in a front of a live audience setting that is otherwise hard to come by. 

Join Gina and Broadway Stages by donating to help young expectional musical geniuses the opportunity to bring brilliant performances to the you and the New York City community! Remember to stop by and enjoy a showing for yourself if you haven't already, its Free!

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