Broadway Stages Gina Argento : Green Energy is Now!

Paving the way for the future as Brooklyn's first solar full service production company, Broadway Stages embraces the future of green and environmentally friendly energy resources. Leading Broadway Stages' green vision is President and CEO Gina Argento. #GoGina

Supporting the future of renewable energy resources, Broadway Stages has made a tremendous commitment to solar energy since 2010 atop our Kingsland production film warehouses. Generating 1,200,000kWh annually, our solar panels will have saved us over 7,000,000kWh worth of energy to date!

In addition to solar energy, Broadway Stages is a proud participant of NYC's Cool Roofs program. As one of the first sound stages to take action, Broadway Stages paves our roofs in white paint specially designed to maximize sunlight reflection and reduce heat absorption. Our participation in the program has helped saved additional energy resources by sustaining a lower ambient temperature inside our warehouse stages.