Broadway Stages Rooftop Farm Summer Preview!


Broadway Stages‘ Rooftop Farm is getting ready for the summer weather to get into full swing! Our Rooftop Farm helped introduce the urban farming movement in New York City by being one of the first and few urban farms in 2008. The Farm was created under the guidance of President Gina Argento and Tony Argento to serve the Brooklynites. #GoGina #GoBrookyln

Almost a decade later, the Eagle Street Farm still operates and continues to provide local Brooklynites with amazing quality ingredients within their own neighborhood. The Farm produced a wide selection of vegetables and recently introduced our very own chickens and bunnies! The Rooftop Farm also includes bees to look to introduce New York City made honey and help maintain a healthy bee population.

The Rooftop Farm is being prepared for this summer season to continue our local grown foods and for Brooklynites to come visit us. Get ready to join us on our Rooftop Farm and enjoy the beautiful view of the NYC Skyline! Take beautiful photos at our prime location and learn about urban farming just like Vogue.

Check out our Rooftop Farm Preview Video HERE!