Astoria Perfomring Arts Center and Broadway Stages together to bring theatre to Astoria!

Astoria Performing Arts Center (APAC) has won over 40 New York Innovative Theatre Award nominations and an Off-Offf Broadway Theatre Review Award. Striving to produce industry quality programs, APAC is a community based theatre organization with the founding mission to be an center of dramatic and musical enrichment for Astoria citizens. With performances that range from cultural performance to classical revivals, APAC reflects the diverse cultures and peoples of Astoria through its various theatrical showcases. 

Broadway Stages President Gina Argento firmly believes that Astoria locals should presented with enrichment opportunities that can be enjoyed by a wide range of age groups and peoples. Recognizing the immense popularity with theatrical performance in Astoria, Gina has partnered up with APAC to deliver incredible musical and dramatic plays to local audiences at no extra charge through her financial contributions. Contributions made by Gina are also used to help organize annual summer camps for student education provided by APAC to educate student in play writing.

By sponsoring APAC events Gina hopes to increase community interest in theatre as well as provide New Yorkers the ability to attend world class theatrical performances with out any financial barriers. Her financial support for APAC has helped support actors and actresses, maintenance, and general operations costs which allows for free attendance by community members. Her continued contributions only seek to benefit the community as a whole by presenting Astoria residents with sponsored APAC events that they can attend free of admissions.

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