Park Stewardship With Broadway Stages and Open Space Alliance!

Gina Argento, green activist and president of North Brooklyn's Broadway Stages, is celebrating with fellow North Brooklynites at the Amazon Studio to recognize the communal effort to help secure parks for the residents of Greenpoint and Willamsburg.

Partnering with Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn (OSA), Gina, on behalf of Broadway Stages, has committed financial resources for the use of park-enhancing services and park-expanding programs as part of her duty as a park steward. Gina pledges her continued support to OSA to make Brooklyn parks safe, clean, and green for community members.

Gina's contributions to OSA have only helped contribute to OSA's mission to provide park services to all Brooklyn parks within the Community District 1 area. Committed to improving park conditions and raising awareness for the need to maintain public spaces, OSA relies on community funding and support like that from Broadway Stages to effectively operate and perform its services. Gina, a known supporter of local Brooklyn businesses and community programs, thinks that Brooklynites should support one another. Broadway Stages is proud to help provide our community with clean, safe, and open parks for Brooklyn.

Gina encourages you to join her and OSA in securing Brooklyn spaces and parks for Brooklynites to use to enjoy recreational activities. Help support a community mission to maintain and create parks!