Broadway Stages Supports North Brooklyn Businesses

Broadway Stages has stayed true to our North Brooklyn and East Williamsburg neighbors and businesses by always trying to purchase materials and source services from Brooklyn vendors. Believing that Brooklynites are part of the Broadway Stages family, Broadway Stages is an active and participatory member of Evergreen, an organization with the goal of supporting Brooklyn businesses in need of business advising.

Evergreen manages the Industrial Business Zones and Empire Zones of North Brooklyn by providing businesses with reliable and quality assistance in tax credits, financing, energy, workforce, and real estate. Responsible for assistance in business service needs of over 10,000 business in the Industrial Business and Ombudsman Zones, Evergreen is committed to growing a variety of different Brooklyn businesses. With the identical missions to make businesses competitive and successful, Broadway Stages works together with Evergreen to combine our resources for greater positive impact.

Committed to positively impacting business owners, Broadway Stages provides Evergreen with funds required to sustain its business advising service and assistance programs. Looking to raise the number of successful businesses, Broadway Stages believes our active participation as an Evergreen member will help thousands of businesses receive essential business resources and services.

Broadway Stages recently sponsored Evergreen's Annual Celebration, allowing us to directly support Brooklyn businesses by increasing funding for high-quality business services, business advising, and business networking opportunities. Together with Evergreen and other fellow Evergreen members, we can build a stronger Brooklyn business economy!