Gina Argento leads the Ridgewood YMCA with the Community Leader Award

YMCA is community center that encourages children to achieve their best through physical and mental activities. Designed to emphasize friendship, social responsibilities, and healthy living, YMCA plays a positive role in shaping youth behavior and attitudes to inspire positive growth and development. YMCA staff teach  important the qualities of altruism and benevolence in its young members to mold youths in becoming a role model citizen and lead a more fulfilling life.

Deeply believing in the importance of youth education, Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, actively participates as Board Members across various YMCA organizations spanning between Queens and Brooklyn. She has dedicated countless hours and financial resources to ensure that New York City youths are provided with youth development programs at YMCA, which are shown to have significant impact on a child’s mental and social growth. Committed to ensuring the quality youth can continue to help instill positive characteristics in the next generation, Gina sponsors and contributes to YMCA to provide the necessary financial resources required for program operations.

Recognized for her continual support and youth commitment at the Queens Community Ridgewood YMCA, Gina Argento has been selected to receive the Ridgewood YMCA’s Community Leader Award. Given to the most impactful participating member, the Community Leader Award celebrates the tremendous efforts of and dedication of YMCA’s most accomplished member in changing the lives family and youth. With past recipients of the award ranging from Senators such as Joseph Addabbo and New York Council Member Elizabeth Crowley, Gina Argento joins her fellow peers in creating a better future for New York City youths. Gina plans to continue to support youth program and only looks to expand her positive influence to New York youths!