A Look Into The Kingsland Wildflowers Project During The Brooklyn Reveal

The Kingsland Wildflowers Rooftop Wildflower Project sponsored by Broadway Stages seeks to pioneer new opportunities to preserve native wildlife and flowers species in New York City urban spaces.

The Wildflowers project utilizes Broadway Stages’ warehouse infrastructure to support up to 22,000 square feet of soil and compost used for growing plants. The abundance of plants will act as natural habit spaces for wildlife such as birds and insects. The endeavor to sustain and preserve wildlife species and nature are part Broadway Stages‘ commitment to environmental stewardship.

Since the project began in 2015, Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, has committed financial resources to construct the foundation of the garden and dozens of workers to plant thousands of flowers.

Almost 2 years later, Broadway Stages occasionally grants members of the community a “sneak peek” into the progress of the project. During our “Brooklyn Reveal” events, Broadway Stages offers attendees the opportunity to walk about the rooftop garden and learn about the progress of the Kingsland Wildflower Project.

The rooftop space once completed will also function as a public space open to residences and neighbors to enjoy recreational activity. The rooftop offers a plethora of flowers ranging from bright Tickseeds to violet Aster flowers. Visitors can walk about a stone path carved through the garden of flowers that emulates a walk through a flower field. Though not yet fully completed, Broadway Stages wants to assure you the project is soon to be completed! So make sure to look out for the full completion of the Kingsland Wildflowers Project soon!