Broadway Stages Goes Greener Every Day With Kingsborough Community College


Kingsborough Community College (KCC) is helping create a more environmentally friendly and sustainable future with this year's Brooklyn Science Innovation Initiative. The program challenges students to develop their own sustainable concepts while studying real-world sustainability at KCC's Urban Farm.

Learning from their five-week experience at the KCC Urban Farm, students were able to better understand and explore how their innovative ideas can help impact the way we grow food. By performing hands-on activities, KCC students were able to directly test, observe, and explore their unique ideas. The summer program helped galvanize projects that involved a combination of recycling, solar power, composting, nutrition, energy conservation, and sanitation from the drawing board to reality. This is an exciting step to get more students involved in STEM research to help bring green ideas into reality.

Gina Argento, Trustee of Kingsborough Community College and President of Broadway Stages, is excited to see Kingsborough students enthusiastic about wanting to change the way we live by creating solutions to real-world environmental issues. As a long-time supporter of KCC partners, including working with them to build their STEM lab and CXM academy, Gina looks forwards to continuing to support KCC and its students in creating a brighter and greener future together. Together with KCC, Broadway Stages cheers students and STEM research for the future!