Broadway Stages Encourages Students to SING!

Broadway Stages is proud to support SING!, an annual student musical production that showcases collective student talent. With attendance that easily fills the auditoriums of dozens of schools, SING! is one of the most popular events in participating high schools.

The production is fully run by students, from creative script writing to unique dance choreography and song selection. SING! challenges students to work in harmony for a greater cause. Most importantly, it is a great a way for students to build long-lasting friendships and learn teamwork skills through sharing the desire to create the best performance.

Created to spark student school spirit, SING! has accomplished itself beyond that capacity, with parents and school faculty rallying behind the event with just as much excitement. In fact over 5,480 parents, staff, and grads attend the annual SING! across 23 high schools to show their support and enthusiasm for the semester rehearsal and practice. The event is also a great opportunity for students to tie up the school year by showcasing their artistic talents to their parents and teachers.

As one of New York's largest full-service film and production companies, Broadway Stages seeks to help and support student education in musical productions that develop strong friendships and explore individual creative expressions. Staying true to our commitment to education, Broadway Stages has financially supported this year's SING! by covering over a thirdd of SING's expenses. Happily assisting in sponsoring production supplies and production consultants from ArtsConnection, Broadway Stages understands that productions require ample financial resources to properly operate. Broadway Stages is proud to support 23 school's student-run musical productions this year, so each student can showcase his or her individual and collective talents.