Broadway Stages Leads the Way in Going Green


Traditional energy sources come from non-renewable resources such as coal and fossil fuels. These non-renewable resources are known to cause detrimental effects to our environment. Byproducts, such as carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from burning coal and fossil fuels, are the leading causes of irreversible environmental concerns, the biggest of which is global warming.

However, in recent years, the transition to more sustainable and green sources of energy have grown popular. One of the most popular natural resources is solar energy, which relies only on the power of the sun to generate electricity. In fact, homes every day across the nation are being converted to solar homes with solar panels installed on rooftops to sustain residential energy needs.

Likewise, rather than relying heavily on traditional sources of energy, since 2010 Broadway Stages has committed to solar energy as a significant energy resource to become Brooklyn's first sound stage to be powered by solar energy. With over 50,000 square feet of solar panels installed on Kingsland sound stage rooftop, our solar energy output accounts for 30% of our energy needs. Solar rooftops as large as ours are also helping reduce up to 822,000 pounds of carbon emission in the air, which would require over 8,000 trees to absorb annually.

In conjunction with our solar commitment, Broadway Stages also participates in New York City's CoolRoofs Program, which encourages businesses to cover rooftops with white reflective paint to reduce energy consumption used to cool buildings. As a result of using two innovative green energy resources, Broadway Stages uses significantly less electrical energy from traditional sources of power than normal sound stages. Choosing to be leaders in creating green energy sound stages, Broadway Stages is changing the way green energy is being used in the film and television industry in New York. Broadway Stages is helping lead the way as one of Brooklyn's largest full-service film production companies that is going green!