New York's Superheroes Are Here To Stay!

In a recent announcement by Governor Cuomo, New York State and Marvel Studios has reached an agreement that will extend the upcoming Marvel's original TV show, The Defenders. The show which follows the story of individual superheroes whom join forces to defeat the villainous organization, The Hand, will add an additional 75 episodes to the initial 60 episodes already planned to be filmed in New York City.

Increases in planned episode is not only good news for the film industry and fans but the New York economy as a whole. The incoming new episodes adds to the benefits of New York's state film tax credit for production companies whom operate in New York State. The tax credit has already helped spur $17 billion of economic activity along with helping employ over 1 million jobs since 2011. The explosion of economic activity in the film industry benefits a wide range of neighbor industries from such as the clothing and art industry. In addition, the production activity also impacts small businesses such as local restaurants which help feed hundreds of people that operate a production everyday. The impacts and benefits of the film industry are spread to small and large businesses alike. 

With the tax credit to extend until 2022, New York City is sure to stay a booming film industry and is sure to create booming business for those who service the film industry. The film credit has and will continue to make the New York film industry to be the best in the world.