Staten Island Stages Right Around the Corner!


The former Arthur Kill Correctional Facility, located in Staten Island, has been vacant since 2011. Since 2013, Broadway Stages has been committed to redeveloping the facility into an economic center for the Staten Island community. Looking to bring the film and television industry into Staten Island, Broadway Stages wants to share the economic boon and benefits with local Staten Island business owners and residents.

It is no secret that film production requires not only hundreds of personnel to produce each episode but also require local services such as food, location, or supplies from local vendors. Just as Broadway Stages sources all of our resources from Brooklyn-based businesses, Staten Island Stages will follow the same commitment toward local neighborhood businesses. This translates to restaurants getting daily orders, Staten Island businesses selling construction material, and small businesses being paid to use their locations for filming. The reinvestment back into Staten Island will create a cycle of continual economic prosperity between the incoming film industry and business owners.

Since selected to develop the property in 2014, Broadway Stages has invested financial resources to bring the property up to code, provide working electric and water utilities, and hired security to develop the property. Even prior to yesterday's closing, Broadway Stages has been fully committed to maintaining the property for the past few years. With the closing completed, Staten Island Stages will be able to start construction for five new full sound stages, production offices, construction shops, and set dressing spaces. In total, upon the completion of Staten Island Stages, there will be an expected 1,300 new jobs created in the area, with the construction of the facility to employ 350 workers on the project.

Set to open in 2018, Staten Island Stages aims to become the best sound stage location for Staten Island and hopes to bring major economic benefits to Staten Island business owners and people. Staten Island Stages is coming soon!