Broadway Stages Celebrates Summer Solar Success

Over the summer, Broadway Stages was excited for and thankful for the abundant days of bright sunlight. Not only did the sun bring about great weather and a lively atmosphere, but it also brought with it (from 92 million miles away) tremendous free energy. Seemingly unlimited in its energy output, the sun was the perfect clean energy alternative for Broadway Stages to use to replace our reliance on traditional energy that harms the environment. To realize our solar program, Broadway Stages, in collaboration with Brooklyn-based Solar Energy Systems, installed innovative solar panel technology, totaling over 50,000 square feet to capture sunlight and convert it into electric energy.

Since 2010, Broadway Stages has naturally sourced over 25 percent of our annual electric needs from natural sunlight. Our solar panels convert sunlight into 1,200,000 kilowatt hours of electrical power used for studio lights, back lights, air conditioning, and offices. Acting as a viable green alternative to traditional energy resources, solar energy does not release or emit any harmful substances like carbon dioxide or methane. Instead, solar energy is a clean source of energy that does not harm environment or the natural ecosystem and requires no other input other than the daily light from the sun.

Due to the tremendous success of our solar energy program at our Greenpoint location, Broadway Stages has included solar energy systems as part of our sound stage transformation across our other locations in Brooklyn and Queens. This solar commitment will naturally extend to our new and upcoming Staten Island Stages at Arthur Kill. Plans for the upcoming year include using solar energy to produce a significant percentage of electrical energy at the facility, made possible by the large size of the facility. Broadway Stages strives to become energy clean by incorporating more and more solar-powered systems.

solar poster.jpg