Brooklyn's Story Voyager: Student Learning On The Go!

story voyag.jpg

Books are the great way for children to learn and explore a wide range of subjects through literacy. Being able to learn the principles of biology or discover the adventure of Jack and the Beanstalks makes books the educational gateways that help lead students to academic achievement and self-discovery. Though originally only limited to confines of the library, the Brooklyn Story Voyager is a library on wheels that brings a reading classroom to where the students live.

For the 5th Annual North Brooklyn Touch-a-Truck fundraiser, Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, has partnered with the St. Nicks Alliance to replenish the Brooklyn Story Voyager reading inventory with new children’s books for elementary school children. By providing new books for children to read, they will be able to enjoy new educational science and fictional story books to further increase their educational literacy. This will undoubtably lead to more reading and more learning!

Helping provide elementary students with greater access to educational material are part of the commitment that Gina has undertaken to eliminate educational obstacles. Gina has been a supporter of greater access to and greater quality of education for many years working with multiple educational organizations and schools to achieve her goal. Gina will continue to support educational opportunities like the Brooklyn Story Voyager and hopes you can join her in the next educational fundraiser to help students together!