Futures in Student Education


Futures in Education helps connect student families with individuals acting as Angels or people who help subsidize or completely eliminate tuition cost for students. Funding for the Angel program is completely dependent on the generosity of the individuals who wish to contribute. The Angel program has helped over 700 students in Brooklyn and Queens the opportunity to attend their desired grammar school and beyond.

In addition to the Angel program, Future in Educations celebrates an Annual Scholarship Fund Dinner to help secure additional funding for student education sponsorships. As firm believer in universal access to education, Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, pledges to sponsor the fundraiser event as Benefactor Sponsor to the event in addition to being an Angel. As a financial contributor to the event, Gina is helping make a direct impact to students who request financial assistance to by providing them with educational scholarships. Eliminating financial obstacles and increasing quality educational access are the goals that Gina wishes to to achieve for New York City families. 

Gina Argento invites you to help contribute to student educational financial assistance and support her in achieving her personal goal of universal quality education. Join her today!