Science Education For All!


Broadway Stages believes in supporting science education for the advancement of green technology and energy efficiency. These past few years, Broadway Stages has contributed to a series of events that helped spread, educate, and inspire new recruits to join the scientific community.


Earlier this year, Broadway Stages sponsored the Green Science Week at PS110! The annual event centers around the importance of sustainable living and renewable energy resources. The educational lessons and activities sponsored by Broadway Stages teaches the process of solar energy, agriculture, and recycling responsibilities to elementary students. Students at the Greenpoint school learned about subjects including nutrition, chemistry, agriculture, and physics through a collection of mini experiments or activities.

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To include high school students, Broadway Stages works with Nysunworks to bring the frontier of science education closer to schools by building Greenhouse Project Labs across the five boroughs and New Jersey. Focusing on providing hands-on STEM learning workshops, Nysunworks wants students to experience the excitement of active participation in scientific experiments that go beyond traditional classroom learning. In addition to teaching students about solar panels, fish farming, compositing, students are taught about hydroponic growing systems, or the modernize adaptation of farming in smaller urbanized environments. At the Greenhouse Project Labs, students are able to participate in planting hydroponic agriculture with the end goal of  harvesting their plants used to create their own nutritious meals.


At Kingsborough Community College, Broadway Stages was able to help sponsor the STEM Lab to allow college students to have the needed equipment and environment to conduct their scientific research. Using the lab, student researchers are able to compete as at the top level of their fields and explore the frontier of scientific theories, concepts, and experiments.


Broadway Stages wants to inspire scientific learning even beyond the boundaries of a classroom by inviting New Yorkers to our Rooftop Farms location. Dedicated to addressing the benefits of urban farming, water conservation, and sustainable principles, Rooftop Farms looks to accomplish urban agricultural sustainability while preserving freshness and quality. Servicing free community programs on Sundays, visitors are welcomed to learn and enjoy the experience of urban farming guided by Rooftop Farm instructors and volunteers!

At Broadway Stages, we believe science education is an important factor in creating a better and brighter future. Join us in sponsoring or dedicating your time to create a brighter future for us all!