Broadway Stages Congratulates St. Ignatius School on its 23rd Anniversary

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St. Ignatius School (SIS) empowers students in the South Bronx to succeed in their academic careers as part of the school's drive for encouraging personal wellbeing.

The middle school structures its main curriculum around seven subjects: English, writing, mathematics, social studies, science, religion, and music. The school also offers a range of daily extracurricular activities in the form of after-school clubs that satisfy diverse interests ranging from anime, film, and photography to math, fitness, and leadership. SIS attends to the academic, creative, and physical wellbeing of its students.

Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, would like to congratulate the St. Ignatius School for supporting, educating, and benefitting the students of the South Bronx by providing quality educational programs for over two decades. To show her support for the SIS community, Gina has made a financial contribution to sponsor a student of the SIS community. She hopes that her donation will benefit the academic and personal growth of the student and others to come. Broadway Stages would also like to wish SIS many more years of success to come, and we look forward to positively impacting many more students in the future!