University Students Visit Broadway Stages

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Earlier this month, Broadway Stages hosted a group of undergraduate students from Fordham University's Communications and Media Studies Department. Accompanied by Julie Fissinger, Senior Director of the President's Council at Fordham University, the students, who are studying theater and film production, welcomed the opportunity to tour Broadway Stages' sets, unique filming locations, and support spaces such as construction, scenic, wardrobe, and props. They were also treated to a discussion about the television and film production industry with Broadway Stages' President and CEO Gina Argento and founder Tony Argento, who have been in business for over 35 years.

Throughout the tour and working lunch, the discussion centered around careers in the industry, as well as interesting stories about the day-to-day operations of a television and film production company. The conversation included information about Broadway Stages' commitment to giving back to their community and its various outreach efforts in education and community betterment. In addition, we spoke about Broadway Stages' green initiatives, including 50,000 square feet of solar panels and urban agriculture on the rooftop of two of its soundstages – sustainable efforts that protect our environment.

Broadway Stages is proud to support the next generation of television and film production leaders and encourage continued education and vocational training that sustain the industry. We are hopeful to have inspired this group of university students to understand the importance of giving back to their community and implementing sustainable environmental programs as they work to achieve their professional goals.