Kingsborough Annual Homecoming!


Kingsborough Community College celebrates a wonderful day of joy and festive activities in honor of Homecoming Alumni. At the 13th Annual Homecoming Day Celebration, or commonly known as the Back to the Beach celebration for those familiar with the Kingsborough culture, Kingsborough invited past scholars to reconnect with friends and professors alike. The event seeks to share the incredible achievements that the Kingsborough alumni have achieved since their academic careers at Kingsobough.

Highlights from the celebration included live entertainment, arts and craft, photo booths, contests, carnival snacks, and last but not least crowning of the King and Queen of Homecoming. Gina Argento, Board Member for Kingsborough Community College and President of Broadway Stages, was amazed to see the enormous turnout and wonderful success of the Homecoming event. Upholding her duty as a Board Member, Gina donated to the Homecoming event to show her support to include live entertainments and offset setup costs. As expected the diligently planned activities were amazingly popular with event attendees as selected by the Kingsborough staff. There could have not been a better day to bring together intelligent scholars and role model citizens to commemorate them as the leaders of tomorrow.