Neighbors for Good Growth


Neighbors of Greenpoint Unite!

The members of NAG, or Neighbors for Allied Good Growth, encourage members of the Greenpoint community to do just that. Founded in 1994, NAG upholds the mission to purse the rehabilitation of the Northside Waterfront region by targeting environmental preservation, social work, and economic stability. NAG took to properly allocate resources to ensure community partnerships such as the 10 year partnership Community Plan between Greenpoint and Williamsburg Waterfront calling for the protection of affordable housing, environmental stewardship, and job creation in Brooklyn businesses.

Essential to securing more partnerships through the NAG facilitation is the annual Gala and Fundraiser event. Gina Argento, CEO of Broadway Stages located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, as a member of the Greenpoint community looks to amplify the community benefits received from NAG programs and partnerships by contributing to NAG’s fundraiser. Gina’s contributions, along with fellow Brooklynites at the fundrasier, will help NAG finance future community opportunities that will positively benefit businesses, individuals, and the natural environment of North Brooklyn.

Do what you can for your community and unite!