Broadway Stages Backs Southside United's Sustainable Housing Mission


Brooklyn's Southside United (SU) offers sustainable housing and social services to create rehabilitation opportunities for Williamsburg residents. The organization advises Brooklyn residents on their housing rights, responsibilities in civic engagements, and citywide resources.

SU consists of three departments that address different community issues. The Real Estate Development Department acquires and develops housing units for local residents. The Tenant and Community Organizing Department resolves housing issues. Lastly, the Social Services Department provides counseling and advocates on behalf of current and former residents.

These departments are funded in part by the SU Annual Fundraiser Reception. Broadway Stages President Gina Argento is a firm believer in the power of community support and improvement programs. Gina expressed her gratitude to SU's amazing commitment to Brooklyn by donating to the fundraiser so that SU can achieve even more for Williamsburg. Helping the Brooklyn community is just another day for Gina!