Staten Island Children's Museum


The Staten Island Children’s Museum is truly a museum specifically tailored with children in mind. The museum is designed with many moving parts that allow students to experience hands on engagement in its various exhibits that range from board games, arts and crafts, playhouses, and job exhibitions! Unlike other museums, children at the SICM are encouraged to test and experience the different exhibits, each with purpose of expanding their general knowledge of the world.

Supporting the preservation of this unique learning experience is Gina Argento, CEO of Broadway Stages. Gina agrees that learning can be fun and educational at the same time! To continue the wonderful experience that students can receive at the SICM, Gina contributes donations to subsidize operating costs for the various exhibits in the museum. Her support to ensure the SICM can continue to operate and stay open for New York students is part of her larger mission to enhance educational access to all students. She hopes her contributions at SICM can inspire those around her to support her endure to provide free educational access or educational opportunities!