Broadway Stages Is Solar Power Prepared

solar graph.jpg
house on clouds.jpg

Summer will be in full swing within the month! With that in mind, Broadway Stages would like to share how we are utilizing the natural solar output of the sun to power our sound stage operations. As a green leader in New York's film and television sound stage industry, Broadway Stages has always sought to be a sustainable energy consumer. Following the installation of dozens of solar panels above our sound stages, our solar energy consumption has helped tremendously offset our electrical demands from traditional power grids.

During peak summer months, electrical energy output is at its highest, with a majority of the solar energy converted for use by lighting, heat, and air conditioning. These energy demands would generally place a great strain on our electric grid, however, through the use of solar energy, Broadway Stages is partly self-sustainable. In fact, the decreased draw on the power grid has an overall positive effect on the environment by reducing our reliance on carbon-emitted energy resources. This only continues to benefit the environment and natural biomes.

The experience of producing your own power feels amazing. We encourage you to lead your community and do the same! On one hand, the energy is directly from the sun, and on the other you are in control of your power production. It is a win-win situation, and now is the perfect time to make the switch as summer approaches. So join us in going solar!