Broadway Stages Joins Ohel in Giving Back to the Community

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For over 40 years, Ohel has grown into an extraordinary community of committed families and individuals that seek to provide care and support to children and families in need.

The Ohel organization recognizes the immense challenges of keeping people of all ages emotionally and mentally healthy. The organization addresses needs including foster care, mental health care, disability care, and educational training. The plethora of care programs ensures each unique case is appropriately addressed, and each person is cared for.

The organization is notably responsible for organizing Camp Kaylie, a fully integrated sleep-away camp for young campers in the Catskill Mountains. The groundbreaking program cultivates peer relationships, personal development, and self-confidence in young leaders. Ohel has been able to properly serve over 120,000 combined individuals and families with the help of community volunteers and staff between all its programs.

Grateful for Ohel's incredible dedication and commitment to improving the well-beings of community members, Broadway Stages President Gina Argento supports Ohel and its programs through financial contributions. Gina wishes to grow the ever-increasing number of 120,000 families and individuals receiving Ohel services to positively affect their lives to even greater numbers. The partnership between Gina and Ohel will continue to grow with the unification of both partners, leading to an even greater impact on many more local families and lives.