Broadway Stages Works to Save Beloved Local Deli in Greenpoint, Brooklyn


Broadway Stages has long been committed to local businesses, believing that it’s important to promote local vendors and to do whatever possible to keep our mom-and-pop shops around. One of Greenpoint's beloved neighborhood establishments, the Park Deli run by Krystyna Godawa for the last 11 years, is among Broadway Stages' favorites for breakfast, lunch, catering, or just a quick snack.  

Unfortunately the neighborhood deli may be forced to relocate due to a 100 percent rent increase. However, longtime patron Gina Argento, Co-owner and President of Broadway Stages, has been trying to help Krystyna keep her doors open for the Greenpoint community, offering to help pay half of the rent increase. While the landlord denied the patron-sponsored financing plan, Gina is committed to find an alternative location for the Park Deli.

"We’re working to find a new spot in Greenpoint because we want her to remain a staple in the community," says Gina.

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